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RESUME SKILLS| Do You Have A Good Looking Resume?

Every monday is day with The Coach

Last monday I wrote about RESUME SKILLS| Talk about your work experience! Really Talkyou can also visit

Some fantastic comments followed and a lot of interaction happened(Click here to read all the queries & my answers)
Today I am asking "Does your resume have Visual Appeal?"

That’s right. Visual Appeal?
Does it look goooooood!

Not only should your resume make you look good, it should also look good by itself.

Before I tell you the 'HOW', let me tell you the 'WHY'

Reasons why you should make sure your resume 'look' Good:

> Too many applicants
With the advent of electronic application systems, it just takes a simple click to apply.
Some sites ( let you apply to multiple jobs with one click.
With so many applications coming thru ( Recently I received over 200 applications for a Guest Services Assistant position…