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INNOVATION| How to Keep Beer Cold

This is what a science project should be!!

I want to conduct this here tooooooo!!

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ENTREPRENEUR| Hyatt Hotels & Resorts' has Preferred Operators


I thought Hyatt was a world-class hotel operator.
They are.
And yet, they have Third party operators. this is Big!

What this means is this.
Get a good team of hotel managers together, go to one of the big guys and start managing the properties for them.
What's in it for them? They need to concentrate only on the brand. You do the operations.

So how is this different from a simple franchisee program? Its not. its just that becoming a preferred hotel operator, would increase your chances many fold to take on new projects.

Interested? want to start a team?
contact me!

Here's the article

"Davidson Hotel Company (DHC), one of the America's largest hotel management companies, today announced that it had become one of the first independent management companies to receive the new designation of 'Preferred Operator' by Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. ...

Davidson will be one of only a handful of top-tier hotel operators to receive the designation, which will be required to become…

RESUME SKILLS| Create an Awesome e-cover letter

Its not a normal resume cover letter, let me tell you that first.Every Monday is Resume Skillsday with The Coach

Last Monday I wrote about RESUME SKILLS| References on your resumeSee it at week, lets take a look at your covering letter.In the age of sending resumes by email, the covering letter needs to do some things and avoid some things.Things your covering letter/note should do:>Quick snapshotWho are you, what are you applying for and why are you interesting.>Grab AttentionThat’s right.I wrote about this in How much time does a recruiter spend on your resume?.>Make it easier for the recruiter
Know how to make an awesome cover lettersee RESUME SKILLS| Create an Awesome e-cover letteror goto: