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We need trainers with hospitality and F n B experience across different locations in India.

The urgent requirement is for professionals with relevant experience in Mumbai.
Freelance Fn B and/or hospitality experts/fresh hotel management graduates with no prior training experince who would like to take up assignments are also welcome.

Please forward your C Vs to or you could also get in touch with us on 022 26426777

Almaaz Virani

COMPANIES| Panoramic Universal Limited

Luxurious hotels providing the ultimate in comfort, service and facilities. Attractive and elegant in ambiance and decor Rooms are stylish and impeccably presented with a comprehensive range of facilities catering to comfort, relaxation and modern business needs. Restaurants provide unsurpassable standards in service and cuisine, with a tempting selection from exquisite menus. Concierge, valet, dry cleaning and 24 hour room service for snacks and refreshments. The choice for guests wishing to experience the finest available from the industry's top class hotels. Ideal for guests seeking good hotel standards at a reasonable price.

Luxurious Hotels In World :

Hotels In India :

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About The Company

We as a team always believed in a holistic approach towards our quest for excellence. At the Panoramic Group, we derive inspiration from the honeybees.It is a collective effort to maintain unity, despite being in the diversified activities. Descipline is our strength and hard work our attitude. We have been maintaining these qualities since our inception in 1997. Our grouth was gradual and steady, as it happens with any new organisation. But once we picked up the right momentum, we have not looked back till date.

Our group has offices in major cities of India, Newzealand as well as in the US and UAE. In our agenda for the future, the group's expansion is on top priority including, several other things that will benefit more and more people. This will realise our mission for making people prosperous through various ways.

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