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JOBS| Intl| Le Meridien - Dubai


Please be informed that we now have an opening for our said property above in Dubai with urgency on the following posts:

1. Receptionist USD 436 (more such jobs in dubai>)
2. G.R.O USD 490 (more such jobs in dubai>)
3. Lobby Asst USD 327 (more such jobs in dubai>)
4. Waitress USD 260 (more such jobs in dubai>)
5. Restaurant Host USD 340 (more such jobs in dubai>)
6. Bartender USD 340 (more such jobs in dubai>)
7. Captain USD 408 (more such jobs in dubai>)
8. Room Attd USD 258 (more such jobs in dubai>)
9. Telp Operator USD 340 (more such jobs in dubai>)
10 C.D.P USD 715 (more such jobs in dubai>)
11. Commis 1 USD 436 (more such jobs in dubai>)

With benefits as follows:

* Unlimited Contract

* 30 days Residence Visa (provide by the company)
* Joining Flight from point of hire
* Return flight ticket every 24 months
* Accommodation: Shared Room (2 people) in compound accommodation- shared bathroom, recreational facilities, internet, gym & cafeteria.
* Accommodation: Out of Town 15 minutes from hotel.
* Transport to & from hotel (24 hours)
* Transport to social destinations (shopping centre, beach, church/mosques)
* Food in Employee Cafeteria
* Full Medical Insurance (Hotel Doctor) and local hospitals
* Life Assurance
* Bonus - Discretion of Owning Company
* Service Charge: Approx US$ 200 per month
* 30 calendar days leave: 30 days

Do note that there will be no charges for processing nor agency fee will be collected by our company but candidates should have the following criteria:

1. Age between 20-30 years old; with good heights & proportional weight.
2. Speaks fluent English; well presented with great smile.
3. A one year experience in 5* hotel is a must and post No 1 – 5 is for Female only.

Interested candidates please do send your CV to the following address:

Bandung (Administration & Recruitment Centre)
2nd Floor Jl. Lemah Nendeut No. 1 Pasteur
Bandung 40164 Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 22 70469900

Bali (Recruitment Centre)
Jl. Tukad Banyu Poh II No. 2B Panjer
Denpasar 80223 Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 361 7829190

Jakarta (Recruitment Centre)
3rd Floor Gedung Arva
Jl. Gondang Dia Lama (RP Suroso) No. 40
Jakarta 10350 Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 21 70937727

Thank you for your kind attention I wish you all the best of luck and I am looking forward to see you soon.
Kind regards,

Aditya Nugraha

Managing Director


Office: 2nd Floor Jl. Lemah Nendeut No. 1A Bandung 40164 Indonesia

Phone: +62 (0) 22 70469900 Fax: +62 (0) 22 70455550

Email: Website:

Recruitment Centres: Jakarta; Denpasar Bali; Surabaya

License Registration in Indonesia No: 584/MEN/2006