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JOBS| Cuise Liners

Seabourn Cruises is looking for...

>Sous Chef US$ 3080 (more jobs>)

>CDP US$ 2000 (see more jobs, search more jobs)

>DCDP US$ 1400 (search more jobs)

5 Star Hotel Exp.

Apply to..
022- 2264 1893

KNOW| How to Wish Happy Birthday in Different Languages

Here is a list which will help you to wish "Happy Birthday" in different languages of the world...

Brazil: Parabéns a você! nesta data querida muitas felicidades e muitos anos de vida.

Chinese-Cantonese: Sun Yat Fai Lok!

Chinese-Mandarin: qu ni sheng er kuai le

Croatian: Sretan Rodendan!

Czech: Vsechno nejlepsi k Tvym narozeninam!!

Danish: Tillykke med fodselsdagen!

Dutch: Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! or Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

Esperanto: Felichan Naskightagon!

Farsi: Tavalodet Mobarak!

Finnish: Hyvaa syntymapaivaa!

French (Canada): Bonne Fete!

French: Joyeux Anniversaire!

German: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Greek: Eytyxismena Genethlia! or Chronia Pola!

Hawaiian: Hau`oli la hanau!

Hebrew: Yom Huledet Same'ach!

Hungarian: Boldog szuletesnapot! or Isten eltessen!

Italian: Buon Compleanno!

Japanese: Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

Russian: S dniom razhdjenia! or Pazdravliayu s dniom razhdjenia!

Spanish: Feliz Cumpleaños!

Swedish: Grattis på födelsedagen

Taiwanese: San leaz quiet lo!

Thai: Suk San Wan Keut!

Ukrainian: Mnohiya lita! or Z dnem narodjennia!

JOBS| Intl| Le Meridien - Dubai


Please be informed that we now have an opening for our said property above in Dubai with urgency on the following posts:

1. Receptionist USD 436 (more such jobs in dubai>)
2. G.R.O USD 490 (more such jobs in dubai>)
3. Lobby Asst USD 327 (more such jobs in dubai>)
4. Waitress USD 260 (more such jobs in dubai>)
5. Restaurant Host USD 340 (more such jobs in dubai>)
6. Bartender USD 340 (more such jobs in dubai>)
7. Captain USD 408 (more such jobs in dubai>)
8. Room Attd USD 258 (more such jobs in dubai>)
9. Telp Operator USD 340 (more such jobs in dubai>)
10 C.D.P USD 715 (more such jobs in dubai>)
11. Commis 1 USD 436 (more such jobs in dubai>)

With benefits as follows:

* Unlimited Contract

* 30 days Residence Visa (provide by the company)
* Joining Flight from point of hire
* Return flight ticket every 24 months
* Accommodation: Shared Room (2 people) in compound accommodation- shared bathroom, recreational facilities, internet, gym & cafeteria.
* Accommodation: Out of Town 15 minutes from hotel.
* Transport to & from hotel (24 hours)
* Transport to social destinations (shopping centre, beach, church/mosques)
* Food in Employee Cafeteria
* Full Medical Insurance (Hotel Doctor) and local hospitals
* Life Assurance
* Bonus - Discretion of Owning Company
* Service Charge: Approx US$ 200 per month
* 30 calendar days leave: 30 days

Do note that there will be no charges for processing nor agency fee will be collected by our company but candidates should have the following criteria:

1. Age between 20-30 years old; with good heights & proportional weight.
2. Speaks fluent English; well presented with great smile.
3. A one year experience in 5* hotel is a must and post No 1 – 5 is for Female only.

Interested candidates please do send your CV to the following address:

Bandung (Administration & Recruitment Centre)
2nd Floor Jl. Lemah Nendeut No. 1 Pasteur
Bandung 40164 Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 22 70469900

Bali (Recruitment Centre)
Jl. Tukad Banyu Poh II No. 2B Panjer
Denpasar 80223 Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 361 7829190

Jakarta (Recruitment Centre)
3rd Floor Gedung Arva
Jl. Gondang Dia Lama (RP Suroso) No. 40
Jakarta 10350 Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 21 70937727

Thank you for your kind attention I wish you all the best of luck and I am looking forward to see you soon.
Kind regards,

Aditya Nugraha

Managing Director


Office: 2nd Floor Jl. Lemah Nendeut No. 1A Bandung 40164 Indonesia

Phone: +62 (0) 22 70469900 Fax: +62 (0) 22 70455550

Email: Website:

Recruitment Centres: Jakarta; Denpasar Bali; Surabaya

License Registration in Indonesia No: 584/MEN/2006

NEWS| Hotel Industry included under Factories Act

In a welcome development for Hotel employees, the industry will now have to fix proper shifts and pay overtime if they work for more for than 8 hours a day, apart from ensuring workers' health, safety and welfare facilities.

With the decision of Ministry of Labour and Employment to include the 'Hotel Industry' under the Factories Act, the rulebook of all the leading hotels would need a relook.

"Hotel industry will have to work in a disciplined way with the inclusion of the industry under the 'Factories Act'. The Act clearly says that the employees will work for eight hours in a shift and overstaying period will be paid and they have to do it," said a high-level official in the Labour Ministry.

"It is not only the time frame or shifts but the Industry will also probably have to look at the employee's issues relating to health, safety, welfare facilities, working hours, employment of young persons and annual leave with wages which is all a part of 'Factories Act' with the inclusion," confirmed a Ministry source.

The Factories Act is a social legislation which has been enacted for occupational safety, health and welfare of workers at work places. This legislation is being enforced by technical officers, inspectors of factories, deputy chief inspectors of factories who work under the control of the Chief Inspector of Factories and overall control of the Labour Commissioner.

This Act provides for a maximum punishment up to two years imprisonment or a fine of upto Rs 1 lakh or both.

Reacting to the decision, Manager, Human Resources of Taj Group of Hotels, Sanjay Bose said that this is not a welcome decision.

"We already have a set of norms that ensures safety and health issues of employees. We have been anyways covered under shops and establishment Act, so there is no point including us under the Factories Act," Bose said.

Industry workers, however, cheered the move. "Most of the time we work for more than 14 hours a day and without proper weekly rests. The inclusion is certainly a welcome move. It will create a conducive work environment," said a senior level official of a renowned five star hotel.

NEWS| IHCL to manage Saraya hotel in RAK

The Managing Director of the Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), a Tata Group unit, said that the company has signed a contract with Saraya Holdings to manage its new resort property being developed at the Saraya Island in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), Gulf News reported.

He pointed out that the hotel, ....

which is expected to start operations by 2011, will be developed under the brand Taj Exotica Resorts and Spa. It will be a part of the mixed-use $2 billion development project to be developed by Saraya Holdings.

The hotel will consist of 180 rooms including suites, 30 bungalows, two restaurants, conference facilities, spa and health club.

See Jobs with IHCL(Taj Group)>