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THE COACH| 7 Sure Ways to achieve your Goal

When was the last time you believed you could do something and did it?

If you are like a lot of other people out there, who know they can, want to and yet somehow do not manage to, this is the thing for you.

I want to keep this simple yet effective.

So here goes.

7 Sure Ways to achieve your Goal>
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Worlds Best Beach Resorts...

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | Italy

Hotel Splendido

Portofino is one of the great summer playgrounds of Europe, and the Hotel Splendido is...

.. at its very heart.

Many of the wealthiest families in Italy summer here in their own villas or stop by in their yachts, and it is easy to see why.

The harbor is both picturesque and perfect for the kind of water sports that Italians love: waterskiing and speedboat racing. (Nearby Santa Margherita is ideal for less strenuous activities.) Nocturnal sports are just as much fun, though, and the town's discos and nightclubs stay open well into the morning.

Positioned overlooking the harbor, the Splendido, a former private villa, is at once part of it all and wonderfully removed. You can come here and dance until dawn or just relax and let the superb staff pamper you.

The hotel also has a sister establishment, the Splendido Mare, which is located in town.

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | Indonesia

One has to hand it to the Four Seasons people--they know what it takes to run a top-of-the-line resort.

Jimbaran Bay...

... may just be the jewel in their considerable crown.

Maybe it's the low cost of labor or real estate in Bali, maybe it's the natural friendliness of the Balinese, maybe it's stunning beauty of the place, and maybe it's just something they put in the water, but with its traditional thatch-roofed villas, abundance of flowers, superb food, world-class spa and beautiful beaches, Jimbaran Bay is about as perfect a romantic luxury beach resort as you could want to find.

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | India

Goa, once the premier trading port between India and Europe, is also...

... one of the subcontinent's most beautiful coastal regions.

Its long sandy beaches may not always be as pristine as most Westerners would like--many of the local citizenry both work and perform their ablutions in the water--but the hotel has a full-time staff of maintenance men who rake the beach continually from dawn to dusk.

The Leela Palace, a Kempinski resort

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | Greece

For thousands of years, the natural beauty of the Greek coastline was as famous as..

.. its mythology or heroic sculpture.

But then with the influx of cheap package tours in the 1960s and 1970s, many of the untouched areas were quickly and cheaply converted into a modern holiday hell.

Thankfully, a few places like the Elounda on the island of Crete still exist and it is possible to see how stunning--and civilized--Greece and its beaches can be.

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | French West Indies

One of the most chic and expensive resorts in the world, like...

Gstaad, Cap d'Antibes, Portofino and Southampton, La Samanna has become a regular stop on the itinerary of what passes for the international jet set today.

Located on the secluded Baie Longue on the French island of St. Martin, the resort is like something out of a perfume ad: white architecture standing out against a clear blue sky, beautiful people and even more beautiful beaches.

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | French Polynesia

It's hard to get more isolated than this...

Set on its own motu (islet) in the middle of Tahiti's Bora Bora lagoon, there is nothing to do here other than enjoy yourself and take advantage of the wonderful harmony of cultures that is French Polynesia.

Great food, great beaches and just incredibly luxurious.

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | France

The model for the Hôtel des Étrangers in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night, since 1870 the glamorous white-walled Hotel du Cap ...

..on the French Riviera has been one of the most storied and luxurious resorts in the world.

Visitors should not expect to find the wide swaths of beach that they might in the Caribbean--the beach in fact is quite small and rocky, like most in the south of France--but what they will find is incomparable elegance bordering on opulence.

Situated on a 22-acre private peninsula jutting out into the Mediterranean, the hotel is famous for favoring celebrities and the very wealthy--which seem to comprise most of the guests. Everything here is first class and commensurately pricey.

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | British West Indies

Recently reopened after a year-long renovation, Cap Juluca is a secluded resort looking out over...

Maundays Bay in Anguilla.

Set on 179 acres, the white sand beaches and warm waters are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and waterskiing.

The domed buildings and arches of the resort's Moorish architecture lend it an exotic air that complements the area's natural beauty.

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | British Virgin Islands

Virgin Gorda was originally discovered by Columbus in 1493, but it wasn't until 1958 that...

Laurence Rockefeller set about establishing a resort at Little Dix Bay that the island became known as one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

The half-mile crescent shaped beach and offshore coral reef offers first rate snorkeling and scuba diving in addition to golf, tennis and fine dining.

The resort is also extremely child-friendly and it has programs that can accommodate children from 3 years of age up to teens.

Today the Rosewood chain of hotels manages the resort.

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | Brazil

This great white wedding cake of a grand hotel has recently...

undergone a massive renovation, and the aging rooms and services are now so beautifully upgraded you only wish that the rest of Rio looked as good.

Sadly, Rio has seen better days, but no amount of petty theft and poverty can take away the natural beauty of Copacabana Beach and the glorious blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

The hotel maintains its own staked-out area of the beach and provides guests with umbrellas, towels and the works.

After staying up until dawn nightclubbing or a hard day of business meetings, a quick dip in the ocean will get you back on your feet.

The Best Beach Resorts In The World | Bahamas

Naming this beautiful sun-kissed spot Paradise Island was...

no mere marketer's trick--the island truly is paradisiacal. But if its superb beaches and weather weren't enough, the Ocean Club is a former private estate that boasts a transplanted 12th-century Augustinian cloister that looks out over Nassau Harbor. Nassau is no longer the glamorous jet set destination that it was back in the 1960s, but the Ocean Club is still pretty swank. The resort offers nearly 100 guest rooms and villas, fine dining, golf and, of course, gambling at the casino in Nassau.