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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Akesh Bhatnagar, GM- Hospitality, RMZ Corp.

Mr. Bhatnagar is a hospitality Professional with international experience, now heading the Hospitality vertical for a leading Indian Real Estate Company.

Having held positions such as General Manager (with Radisson) and Accommodations Manager (with Taj Group), he has had the final say in hiring people.

I asked him five key questions, that I felt anyone who was interested in a successful hospitality career would want answered.

Here is the result...

Prabhjot| What are the three attributes that make a successful hotelier?
Mr. Bhatnagar|Empathy for your Employee & Guest.
Having a burning desire to understand the changing needs of your target market/clientèle.
Ability to retain your gems, both Employees & Guests.

Prabhjot| What is better when you starting your career or early in your career, a better salary or a better company?
Mr. Bhatnagar|A better Company.

Prabhjot| What are your favourite questions in an interview & why?
Mr. Bhatnagar|Basically, what ticks the person on or off; more precisely if his passion/interests have a connection with what his job profile entails.

Prabhjot|How important are Grooming & Communication skills in this industry?
Mr. Bhatnagar|Both are of Paramount Importance.

Prabhjot|What can an applicant do on his/her resume to attract your attention?
Mr. Bhatnagar|Apart from a one-way communicating resume, also have a mention of Awards & testimonials to prove your worth.

We intend to bring more of these to you.
If you would like us to interview someone specific or from a particular department or designation or company leave the suggestions in comments.
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- Prabhjot Bedi

NEWS| Virgin Group to foray into Indian hospitality

To set up a hotel in Kerala

UK-based Virgin Group plans to foray into the Indian hospitality and leisure markets. The group has currently set up a small hotel division that focuses on up-market hotels and will also start a city-hotel division. Owing to the paucity of rooms in India, and charting the growth in the hospitality sector, the Virgin Group has decided to take the plunge in this sector.

Kerala will be the target destination for the group’s first hospitality venture, but work will not commence for at least 18 months as quite a few other projects are queued up for launch.

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How To Be A Good Hotelier...

An Hotelier must be a diplomat, a democrat, an autocrat, an acrobat, and a doormat.

He must have the facility to entertain Prime Ministers, princes of industry, pickpockets, gamblers, bookmakers, pirates, philanthropists, popsies and prudes.

He must be on both sides of the political fence, and be able to jump that fence.

He should be, or have been, a footballer, golfer, bowler, tennis player, cricketer, darts player, sailor, pigeon fancier, motor racer and linguist, as well as have a good knowledge of any other sport involving dice, cards, horse racing and billiards.

This is most useful, as he has sometimes to settle arguments and squabbles. He must, therefore, be a qualified boxer, wrestler, weight-lifter, sprinter and peacemaker.

He must always look immaculate, when drinking with the ladies and gentlemen mentioned in the second paragraph, as well as bankers, swankers, theatricals, commercial travellers and company representatives - even though he has just made peace between any of the two, four, six or more of the aforementioned patrons.

To be successful, an hotelier must keep the bar full, the house full, the store rooms full, the wine cellar full, the customers full, and not get full himself.

He must have staff who are clean, honest, quick workers, quick thinkers, non-drinkers, mathematicians, technicians, and at all times on the boss's side, the customer's side, and stay on the outside of the bar.

To sum up: The hotelier must be outside, inside, offside, glorified, sanctified, crucified, stupefied, cross-eyed - and if he is not the strong, silent type, there is always suicide.

Published with permission of : Chateaux & Hotels de Charme

Article courtesy of Henry Togna
Owner of hotel “22 Jermyn Street” - St James's - London.

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