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NEWS| Intl| Amazon To Enter Wine Business

amazon.jpgAmazon to start selling wine from its site to US customers.

According to, Amazon is currently looking to recruit a senior wine buyer who will be responsible for “the acquisition of a massive new product selection.”

Online alcohol sales have been a difficult market in the United States due to the multitude of laws in relation to online alcohol sales in different states. The market though is somewhat easier to enter today than during the first web boom, with the US Supreme Court having ruled that state governments may not prohibit residents from ordering directly from out-of-state wineries in 2005.

Amazon invested $30 million into in 1999. The site lasted one year. Sales of wine in the United States totaled $30 billion in 2007.

source: Techcrunch

IDEA| Modular spaces... RETHINK hoteliers!!

What are Bloxes?
Bloxes are building blocks made of interlocking pieces of corrugated cardboard, folded together. Their unique shape and structure make them exceptionally strong and lightweight — you could build yourself a platform to stand on, and then pick it up and move it wherever you need to.

Editor| I have always wondered what creative banquet managers would be able to achieve if they could get their hands on something that could alter the shape, look and feel of a space, as & when they require.
we did a post on this sometime back IDEAS| Flexibility: The Ultimate Trend in Hospitality Design
Bloxes may not be made/designed with that in mind (they have corporate offices in mind) , but I think something like this is god send for hoteliers.
comments welcome!

What can you do with them?
Bloxes can connect with each other on all six sides, so you can use them to build walls, benches, tables, tunnels — whatever you can think of. And because the varied surface and complex internal structure helps dampen sound, they're great for managing acoustics in offices, studios and other places.

How do you build with them?
To build a structure with bloxes, simply line up the pegs of two bloxes and push them together. Repeat as necessary. Plus, they're multi-faceted, so you can build in any direction.

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