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READER'S Query| Hospitality Recruiting. What is the basis & is it fair?

I got this in the mail today.

most humbly and respectfully i beg to state that why is it that in hospitality industry there is no set parametres through which the job seekers can be always gives us a feeling that everything is not fair and straightforward in this industry.There are people who get jobs in hospitality industry without even having a degree than there are people who will not get a descent job even after slogging for three years in the hotel management colleges.
thanking you

I cant say I disagree.
I was consulting for a leading hotel chain and the Front Office Manager told me he only wanted girls with round faces for the Front desk.
Most hospitality interviews are one-on-one and when the interviewer changes so does the end result.

I thought I'll put this to the group.
What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree?
Do you have any suggestions on how the industry could change all this?

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