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PHOTOS| Citizen M - Nice!!

We wrote about CITIZENM on June 26, 2008 
I think the concept is WOW! Here are some more photos..... 


TRENDS | Deluxe Designer Hotels

"In the last five or 10 years, fashion designers have begun to understand that the best way they can increase business is by recreating themselves as lifestyles brands," says Lucian James, founder of Paris-based brand consultancy Agenda.
Edinburgh, Scotland, in early 2009, lovers of the Italian fashion house's signature zigzag prints will be afforded the chance to sleep on Missoni-initialed sheets, eat off of Missoni plates and even swig a cocktail at the Missoni bar.
Talk about branding. Missoni is just the latest fashion company to jump into the hotel business.

Forbes says more & more designers will take this route to create exposure; brand awareness.

I know of the Taj getting designers to do the uniforms in all the leading hotels, Versace plates for restaurants & lava lamps for lighting, but it would be nice to know if any element, the hotel design, outlets, menu, uniforms, landscape, of your hotel is done by a designer of international repute.

Oh; if Dhoni has been invited to create the health club garbs, please deft let me know :)

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