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TECH| Services on IPOD & ITOUCH for all Guests

This is awesome!

I remember when palm pilots were the thing. You could download a software to turn your palm pilot into a remote control..what fun!

I did try & experiment with sharing the map (first mumbai, then chandigarh) with guests over bluetooth. Conceirge were given a bluetooth enabled handset & printer and guests could sync up.

But this is brilliant!

Runtriz, a software firm out of Hollywood, CA, is aiming to bring hotels up to speed. Following a series of quiet test runs at other LA hotels, they've debuted a product called "Hotel Evolution" at the Malibu Beach Inn in Malibu, CA. When a guest checks into the hotel, they're asked if they have an iPhone or iPod Touch. If they do, the hotel staff will load the Runtriz Hotel web application to the device. If they don't, they're given a 16gb iPod Touch (with the application pre-loaded, of course) to keep for the duration of their stay.

Once you've punched in your room number and security code…

JOBS| Intl| FnB| Dubai| Waiter

Waiter Dubai
The Position:

To manage the complete service delivery of guest's individual Food and Beverage services, according to the set standards and procedures defined by the F&B Manager and Restaurant Supervisor.

This will require the job holder to co-ordinate between the guest's specific individual requirements and the areas of production, (chefs, production kitchen, bar and beverage services), in fulfilling menu and dining requirements. To display and present to guests a professional working knowledge of: Food preparation techniques and methods, product knowledge on the Hotel's cellar of wines, cheeses, desserts, and the serving etiquette for these products, according to The Leading Hotels of the World's service standards.

Job Outline:

* Minimum standards set for this position include: Punctual attendance and a professional, groomed appearance, attendance of all shift and daily briefings and department meetings held by Supervisors and Managers, and readine…

NEWS| TECH| Now Find, Book, Seek, Search, Map Intercon Hotels

Using Google Earthtechnology, Intercontinental Hotels Group’s guests can plan and book their travel anywhere in the world in just a few simple clicks. visit
Google Earth was a tool begging to be exploited. Thankfully someone has.

I never understood, why none of the leading chains put up their maps/directions using Google Earth. Even today most have written directions or worse no directions as at all.

The Taj Hotels website has a map that is not to scale & really I've been to Delhi, that map is dificult.

The Oberoi Hotels website doesnt have maps. Check out Cecil shimla instructions at

Is your hotel using it? Let me know.

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