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NEWS| New Hotels| VITS Nagpur is now open!

Kamat Hotels is a client & a featured employer on

Mr. Gupte has been a long term supporter and one of the most open and approachable hotelier I have ever come across.

His property is now open!

Dear Sir / Madam

An impressive local landmark & tall six-story structure VITS, Nagpur is a palatial complex that offers travelers a heightened level of luxury, accommodation, dining, and entertainment and travel services. The hotel is conveniently close to business and shopping malls. A spectacular exterior in the true tradition of European architecture beckons the discerning traveler for its out­standing luxury and service.

The Group: Kamat Hotels India Ltd, be­ing the only environment-friendly hospital­ity group in the country. It has been creat­ing a nationwide green hotel's chain not only in bigger cities but also in smaller cities as well.

Location: VITS-Nagpur is situated in the most Prime location of Nagpur & in the close proximity of Pharma & Trading Zon…


A friend has started a UK job consultancy.

I got this from him today.

Dear Sir,
It was a pleasure to meet with you recently.  As mentioned, we have a number of requirements for filling work permits in the UK within the Hospitality industry.  We have vacancies from both large Hotel chains and restaurants throughout the country.   For hotels, we require:
1. Front Desk Managers
2. Food and Beverage Managers
3. Housekeeping Managers
4.  General Managers

For restaurants, we immediately and urgently require:
1.  Head Chefs from restaurants - Indian cuisine (salary offered would be around 250-275 net per week)
2.  One Indo Chinese Head Chef (250-275 net per week)
3.  South Indian Chefs X 3 (200 net per week)
4.  Restaurant Managers from restaurants – smart young candidates, punjabi speaking below 30-35 (250-275 net per week)
5.  Indian Curry Chefs X 6
6.  Indian Tandoori Chef X 6

All positions require a minimum of 3 years of experience in that particular position.  After November 2008, th…

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