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Eclat Me! Success Thoughts

Today, Create Thumb Rules for Yourself
The most successful people create simple rules for themselves to help them make decisions.  these rules could be based on personal experiences, industries they operate in, or simply on knowledge gleamed from elders and other successful people.

Read some of my thumb rules, some popular ones, some suggestions as to why I am asking you to create Thumb Rules for yourself> Personal Success| Creating Thumb Rules for Yourself

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FnB| Theme Restaurants| Hospital Theme - Latvia Has Diners Checking In for Treatment

A new hospital-themed restaurant has opened in Riga, giving visitors the experience of dining amid operating tables, hospital beds, and leggy nurses.

Owned by a group of local doctors, Hospitalis serves up hearty Latvian standards in flasks and operating room dishes and pours trendy cocktails into beakers and test tubes.