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NEWS| Cafe Coffee Day earmarks Rs 150 crore for expansion

Cafe Coffee Day, part of the Bangalore-based Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited (ABCTCL), plans to invest Rs 120-150 crore for expansion during next year to take its number of cafes to around 1,000 from the current 700.

Alok Gupta, director, Cafe Coffee Day, addressing newsmen in Bangalore claimed the funds for the expansion have been tied up.

Gupta added that they are also committed to open cafes at various countries and studying the market to make strategic moves. Cafe Coffee Day has around 10 cafes in West Asia, Pakistan and Europe.

Speaking on the pattern for expansion, Gupta said the company’s hub and spoke model in major cities has clicked. “Through this mode of hub and spoke model, we are at present operating about 100 cafes in New Delhi region, 120 cafes in Mumbai and 135 cafes in and around Bangalore. Based on this experience, we will be aggressively moving into major north Indian cities,” Gupta added.

The company is also planning to add a third domestic airline…

The Biggest Food Stories of 2008

The biggest food story of the year was decidedly the rise in food prices around the world. Countries across the globe faced food crises due to high oil prices, growing demand, lower food reserves and unexpected weather patterns.Other Include:
China's tainted milk scandal, which began in August 2008 after tests indicated that China’s leading dairy companies produced milk containing the industrial chemical melamine. Tainted baby formula was responsible for killing six infants and causing harm to tens of thousands of individuals.

salmonella outbreak in raw tomatoes, McDonald’s pulled sliced tomatoes from its restaurants

Supermarket Chains Offer More Locally Grown Food: Supermarkets are now offering a wider variety of locally grown produce and meat.

New Levels of Alarm Associated With High Salt Intake: The FDA is considering the removal of salt from its list of Generally Recognized as Safe foods.

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