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KNOW| TRENDS| IDEAS| Responsible Hotels of the World

EDITOR| A marketing concept waiting to happen. The Responsible Hotels of the World is a wonderful example of how you can take something that is on everyone's mind (& maybe guilt) and create a powerful branding opportunity.

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From the site

For us, the essence of a responsible holiday is having an experience that encapsulates the destination you are in. One which is true to its culture; which embraces and engages local people and food; which is dedicated to preserving the indigenous natural world for future generations.

There is great work going on by hoteliers around the world, raising the standard of responsibility in hotels of all kinds, which we wholeheartedly endorse and celebrate. But we wanted to create a unique collection which offers not just the highest standards of responsible practice, but gives you a more truly distinctive and authentic holiday.

A tall order for a hotel and we know that they can't all be perfect. We believe that each…