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[My Eclat Coach] be the flame, not the moth - casanova

How to be charismatic

I read and I liked the topic he just posted on, so I am linking it here and also adding some of my ideas.

be the flame, not the moth - casanova

by Jonathan Gill

I realize casanova was talking about something else, but in essence the damn line is true.
charismatic people attract others and that's exactly what a flame does, so here goes:

1. Be luminous - in person, in though & in action
Well groomed, well dressed, well mannered, cultured people with thoughts that can stir and actions to match are attractive.

2. Rise above the rest
The flicker strives to reach as far above as possible. stretch yourself.

3. Illuminate others
Very rarely have I heard of a flame/a beacon/a torch being lit for itself.
illuminate the lives of others, enrich their thoughts and add value to everyone around.

4. Spread the light equally
The charismatic ones spread joy equally. everyone who comes to them or in contact with them will go back a little richer, a little …