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[Eclat Me!] Try New Stuff

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Variety is the spice of life.
So try out new stuff
Try out more options
you just might like something new!

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[My Eclat Coach] RESUME SKILLS | Online Tool | CeeVee

This is such a nice tool!
Its simple, effective. and it has some awesome features.
here are the ones I like:
1. pre-formated
it might be a simple format, but at least there is one.
If you think you can do better, you can use this to improve.
for the ones who dont even know how to start or where to start this is IT.
2. photo/picture on top
i have been an advocate of putting your pic on your resume & even your signature (see Resume Skills| Sign your resume)
3. All the major headings are covered
you can choose to add or delete them as you wish
4. 3 formats
plain text, classic & modern
this not new.  Microsoft word comes built in with these formats but an online version is good.
5. Share capabilities
this is where the power of the internet comes into effect.
you can share your resume /cv with the world at the click of a button.
click here to see Flaunt your Profile/Resume
6. printing capabilities
pdf is my choice.
7. the last but deft not the least, you get a customized address for your resume!

[1 Daily Diversion] Why 09/09/09 Is So Special

This should probably have come yesterday, but nevertheless.
Why is it? click here to know that.

my fav part is the following:

As the final numeral, the number nine holds special rank. It is associated with forgiveness, compassion and success on the positive side as well as arrogance and self-righteousness on the negative, according to numerologists.

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LISTS| Top Ten Most Popular WorldHotels Properties 6/10

WORLDHOTELS, one of the world's leading groups of independent hotels, has announced the top ten most popular hotels.
See the complete list here> 

Kimberly Hotel, New York 

In the heart of Manhattan, stands the Kimberly Hotel, featuring inviting guestrooms and spacious suites, as well as a 75-foot yacht for spectacular sightseeing and views of the New York skyline.

UPDATE| | BELL BOY is the micro site for hospitality, hotel & restaurant jobs.

within this microsite, I am creating separate pages for each department & then for each job designation.

here is the link for Bell Boy Jobs>

JOBS| health club manager

Ramada Plaza, New Delhi

Looking for young, smart, energetic staff for health club manager

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JOBS| Manager Training & Development

To get all the Training News, Jobs, Discussions, Knowledge delivered to you!
Manager Training and development for one of the Leading Player in the Hotel Industry.

To know more & apply, Click here>

JOBS| Senior Captain & RSOT

See more about the property

Seeking Senior Captain & RSOT
To know more & apply, click here> 

Eclat Me!: Find a Success Partner

Posted: 08 Sep 2009 10:34 AM PDT
Arnold Schwarzenegger says in his body building book that you need a partner to work out with. someone who waits for you at the gym and hence makes you wake up on a cold, wet day and make it over.

I want to thank Aruna for making me feel like wanting to do some more. Thank you Aruna. As you will see, the blog also has an all new look!

I thought I'll do a little more than just show up!

Success Tip ? Find a success partner. Someone who can give you a wake up call once in a while, can give you a pep talk, a motivating look or even a kick on your backside! Find that partner..

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Other Eclat Tips...

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[1 Daily Diversion] The definitive site for human achievement.


URDB is an open, participatory database for world records.

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[My Eclat Coach] Are you a 5-star Leader? Part 2/10

In this series, I will detail my thoughts/suggestions on each of those 10 dimensions

by Thales
by Thales

Do you ensure every team member is hand picked?

To be fair, its not just about ensuring that you are part of every hiring decision or that you are present to personally meet every new joinee.  These are critical but I believe its a bit more than that.
- define your 'team member'
do this in as much detail as possible.  exp, education, language, skill set, anything else that you feel is required to succeed in your setup.
- involve your people into the hiring decision
let the ones who will work with the new member have a say in it.  Its not complete democracy, but if you get a buy in from them, the process of integration would be far more smoother.
- find out everything you can, before you hire.
use social networking sites, consultants, current team members, any and all sources, but try and find out as much as you can.
- give as much information as possible to the potential hire.
- dont window dress your company, the position or the role
- create a template of questions/interview techniques that you will use with everyone.  let there be some standard testing.
- test for all the skills you deem important and necessary.
- take personal assurances regarding work ethics and commitment
Can't Wait for the entire series?