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PICTURES| Hi-Tech Hotels| Aeroscraft

Aeroscraft calls itself the "flying luxury hotel of tomorrow." Still only a glimmer in its designer's eye, the Aeroscraft would be a 400-ton blimp designed to carry up to 250 passengers in a luxury liner 8,000 feet above the ground. It would be as big as two football fields and would offer high tech amenities in its rooms, casino, and restaurants.

Discussion | Trends | Is Web Check In the next big thing?

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  Is Web Check In the next big thing? According to a report (, Mumbai leads the international numbers in terms of online booking and web check in at the airport.

Is this the next big thing for hotels?

Are you already seeing this?

Are you even ready for it?

Is your hotel equipped to manage web check ins?

How does it all play out with the current focus on security?

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