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RESEARCH| The Eight-Step Approach to Controlling Food Costs

Because food-service profit margins are so thin, restaurant managers must carefully control every cost and eliminate all possibility of waste. Chief among the sources of cost and waste is food, which can represent up to 40 percent of food-service costs. This detailed training program is designed to show managers how to control their costs, but it goes beyond that to create a focus on cost control and waste prevention throughout the food-service operation. The eight steps are ordering, pricing, receiving, storage, issuing, production, portioning, and cash collection. Building on these eight steps, managers learn how to engage their employees in controlling costs, with a goal of improving revenues and, ultimately, customer service. The eight steps apply to any type of restaurant, although specific techniques may apply only in certain types of food service.

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INTL| Choice Hotels International Opens 33 New Hotels in November

Choice Hotels International, continues to grow with the announcement of 33 newly-opened franchised properties during the month of November.

The openings include hotels in 20 states, including four in Hawaii, and three countries, adding more than 2,500 rooms to the company's existing 485,000-plus rooms.

INTL| 2010 Edition of The Hotel Yearbook Goes Digital

The Hotel Yearbook, published by Lausanne, Switzerland-based Wade & Company, a hospitality marketing and communication consultancy, announced the launch of its first all-digital issue, available December 8, 2009. The annual volume is a co-publication of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, the world’s first hotel management school, also based in Switzerland.

In The Hotel Yearbook, these forward-looking contributors describe the trends and developments that they believe will have an impact on the performance of the hotel industry in the next 12 months. Each author examines a specific geographic market, industry segment or management challenge, depending on his own area of expertise.

For anyone making a career in the hotel industry, the Yearbook is a comprehensive overview of the many factors that will affect their business in the coming year. From changes in consumer behavior to economic and capital market developments, and from legal and environmental issues to the emergence of exciting new marketing techniques and management ideas, The Hotel Yearbook offers a unique view of what the year ahead has in store for you.

Hotel Yearbook


BUZZWORDS FOR 2010 by Joseph Baum & Michael Whiteman Co.

Authentic Neapolitan pizza.
Lamb riblets.
Too many food trucks, not enough curb space.
Latino street food.
Farmed trout creeps up on farmed salmon.
Curry- and Indian-spiced fried chicken.
Vietnamese sandwiches (bahn mi).
Global comfort food.
Artisan hot dogs.
Made-to-order ice cream.
Chefs turned butchers.
Casual comfort.
Touch-screen kiosks and home delivery in fast food outlets.
Latino street food.
Wood oven cooking.
More energy drinks and adulterated waters.
Mood food.
Backyard and rooftop bee hives.
Urban farms.
Griddled burgers.
Free food.
House-made everything, especially in sandwiches.

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INTL| Preferred Hotel Group Launches Sterling Design

Preferred Hotel Group has announced the launch of Sterling Design, a special designation within the established Sterling Hotels brand, offering guests chic style and sophistication that’s accessible for any budget.

Sterling Design will showcase a collection of contemporary, design-led properties, each created to appeal to the savvy holiday planner as well as the discerning business traveller.

With a tagline of “As Individual as You,” Sterling Design will boast hotels and resorts from across the globe offering something for every guest. Characteristics of the new designation include contemporary architecture, sleek and understated guestrooms featuring the latest technology, a hip bar, lounge or restaurant, and a high standard of service. These properties will offer customers good local value teamed with great location and amenities.

Preferred Hotel Group is excited to announce the newest members to receive this special designation. Properties include The Fleming, a chic, urban hotel located in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district; the modern design mecca, Mon Hotel, situated in Paris’s 16th arrondissement; and Hotel Urbano, a stylish Miami boutique hotel located near South Beach, opening in December 2009.


INTL| Mandarin Oriental 'Interested' In Acquiring Luxury Hotel Brands

Mandarin Oriental International Ltd. is "interested" in acquiring other luxury hotel brands along the way to its goal of 200 hotels, CEO Edouard Ettedgui says.

“We probably can reach 80 to 100 hotels on our own, but if we want to get to 200, we have to do that through brand acquisitions,” Ettedgui tells Bloomberg. “If a luxury brand becomes available at a reasonable price, we’re interested.”

Asia and South America present the best opportunities for growth, Ettedgui says, adding that interested sellers have approached the hotel chain. As of June, Hong Kong-based Mandarin Oriental had US$563 million in cash on hand, according to Bloomberg. The company prefers to hold majority ownerships in hotels it operates.


PICTURES| Hi-Tech Hotels| The Galactic Suite Space Resort

The architects behind the project claim the first-ever space hotel could be scheduled to open in 2012. A three-night stay would cost about $4.4 million, and would include an eight-week training course on a tropical island, as well as the chance to see the sun rise 15 times a day and take a lap around the world every 80 minutes. Guests would "wear velcro suits so they can crawl around their pod rooms by sticking themselves to the walls like Spiderman," writes the Daily Mail.

VIDEO| How to Interview For A Job

Terms & Terminologies (Bar) | top up (verb)

top up (verb) to add enough to fill the glass Add ice and top up with more tonic water. 

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Terms & Terminologies (Food Production)| A l’anglaise

A l’anglaise

English style In France, anything that is simply boiled is said to be à l'anglaise, English-style.

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JOBS| Food & Beverage Manager

Park Plaza a division of carlson hotels worldwide is a fast growing hotel brand.
Opening a new Hotel in Nariana - Delhi