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EMPLOYEE THEFTS - The Early Warning Signals of Internal Dishonesty - Signals From Personal behavior

A series by Raminder, Principal Consultant, CILANTRO Hospitality Inc.

Employee Theft - The Early Warning Signals of Internal Dishonesty
It has been estimated that about $52 billion a year is lost due to employee theft and that approximately 95% of all businesses experience employee theft. So, what are the
symptoms and what can you do the protect your business?

Signals From Personal behavior

1. Inconsistencies by a staff member explaining discrepancies or errors.
2. Bad temper or unpleasant behavior that tends to discourage questions.
3. Warning signs of substance abuse. An employee with a substance abuse problem will need extra money to finance a habit.
4. Habitual borrowing of store money or property without permission.
5. Expensive habits (drinking, extra marital affair, etc.)
6. Spending more money than earned or what salary can support.
7. Disgruntled, belligerent attitude, complaining about management or job to others.
8. Admission of theft from prior employer.
9. Concealed family relationships or cohabitation among employees.

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