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Education Jobs | Assistant Lecturer - cum- Asst. Instructor

Institute of Hotel Management Catering technology & applied nutrition, Hamirpur, HP

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Bored with your resume? read this before you do anything cre...

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A friend of mine (thank you pallavi) sent me this link 45 Creative Resumes To Seize Attention & some are actually very appealing.

As always, it got me thinking.
1. Do you need a creative resume design?
2. What is creative?
3. The benefits
4. and of course the not-so-beneficial outcomes.

Pallavi was always someone who wanted to do things differently and she had the mind to achieve that too. Over a decade ago, she prepared hard paper (brown) resumes and mailed them to companies she wanted to work with. The reasoning was pretty simple. In the heap of A4 white executive paper resumes, a brown hard paper resume will be different and would stand out.

On the face of it the logic is good.

My article 'Do you have a Good Looking Resume?'
deals with the Why & the HOW.

The idea I was floating then and still adhere to is, do the different only if you agree with…

International Food & Beverage Jobs

See the latest International Food & Beverage Jobs posted on focuses on the Indian Hospitality (Hotel, Restaurant & Catering) Industry. we do however try and carry a fair bit of jobs, news, events, trends from around the world.