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Bored with your resume? read this before you do anything cre...

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A friend of mine (thank you pallavi) sent me this link 45 Creative Resumes To Seize Attention & some are actually very appealing.

As always, it got me thinking.
1. Do you need a creative resume design?
2. What is creative?
3. The benefits
4. and of course the not-so-beneficial outcomes.

Pallavi was always someone who wanted to do things differently and she had the mind to achieve that too. Over a decade ago, she prepared hard paper (brown) resumes and mailed them to companies she wanted to work with. The reasoning was pretty simple. In the heap of A4 white executive paper resumes, a brown hard paper resume will be different and would stand out.

On the face of it the logic is good.

My article 'Do you have a Good Looking Resume?'
deals with the Why & the HOW.

The idea I was floating then and still adhere to is, do the different only if you agree with the WHY of it.

So lets try and answer some of those questions I set out to answer:

1. Do you need a creative resume design?

Take a look at this resume


It is designed for a server. I think the take is nice. Gives a very visual picture of what the person wants to achieve and believes is good at. The Passion is visible!

2. What is creative?

In the resume space, anything that is out of the ordinary, is creative. a design element, a photo, a font, the paper used, any of these attributes could be tweaked to create a creative resume.

being creative with the format of the presentation of information can be very appealing and interesting.

look at at this:

resume-infographic.jpg (1200×927)

I think this is not only a very creative but highly informative.

 When something like this lands on my desk, I can guarantee it would be a conversation starter.

p.s. the job of your resume is to get you an interview, not a job.
& the best interviews are the ones that are more conversations than interrogation!

3. The benefits

RESUME-PASSPORT - creative resumes,

This is a passport style resume.

If you are someone who has traveled a lot and picked up valuable global exposure and learnings, this would make a very interesting resume.

The benefits of a creative resume, include 'standing out', talking points for the resume, effective representation of information/facts, showcasing of your talents among others.

4. and of course the not-so-beneficial outcomes.

Imagine you are someone applying for a bank job. should you create a resume on fake currency? of course not.

some professions/jobs scream for a creative resume - designers of all hues should make sure their resume talks for them. but is it possible for all positions?

maybe not.

you also have the problem of audience. your resume is not for you or your friends. it most definitely isn't for facebook or flickr. It is for the HR of an organization and as for all material that is written for an audience it should appeal to them.

Now lets consider this audience for a minute. for a typical job position advertised, any HR can expect upwards of 300 applications.
That is a lot of resumes.
So what do you do as HR? You create your own shortcuts. experience, education, city of residence, past employers it could be anything but most of us (HR) create a Filter (if not on paper then in our minds) and start shortlisting.

the effectiveness of this process depends on the speed of the HR and that depends on scanning the resume for the correct information/data field. If the resume is different and the HR does not have the intelligence or the patience to 'hunt' for the information, your resume will go quicker to the bin.

the other factor today is electronic. Very very few organizations today want resumes in hard copy. its all soft and the ease of applying online makes the application numbers jump!

Applying via a job portal would essentially finish off any creativity in layout or design. the reason HR uses these portals is so that they can easily use filters and other software to weed out the pile.

For those channels you will need to develop creativity in content/language & not design.

let me conclude this post with two of my fav designs:

creative resume designs
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

creative resumes
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

while we are on it, take a look at 'How To Create an Awesome Cover Letter'

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