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Jobs- Area Manager - Chennai

Candidate should be able to handle area sales and promotion.They should have prior experience in handling 3 to 5 stores can also apply.

Special Offers | The World of Wines, Spirits and Liqueurs

Snigdha Banerjee

Snigz is a career hospitality professional and a passionate food & beverage expert.

She is conducting a very special workshop on wines, spirits and liqueurs.

I caught up with her to ask her all about it and to get some expert answers on other liquory stuff!

I also got her to give all us a very special offer (we are special - we are members of & we know Prabhjot Bedi ;))

PB: Tell us about the World of Wine Spirits & Liqueurs.

SB: The World of Wines, Spirits and Liqueurs is an insight, interaction and indepth understanding of various beverages that are classified in the above mentioned categories.
This highly interactive training comprises of two modules--
a) Basic Workshop-- Open to all (2 days for 4 hrs each)
b) Advanced/Professionals Workshop (5 days for 4 hrs each).
We are currently doing the Basic level.

PB : What is your poison?
SB : Although I am fond of the amazing wines of the new world, my poison is the world's best wine-- Champagne--Crystal Rhoderer.

PB: What would you recommend for each of the following:
- Food & Beverage / Restaurant Professionals selling to a team of bankers who are at the restaurant to celebrate?
- A young couple where the guy is going to propose?
- Friends meeting after a decade?

SB :
Bankers--- Ideally Martinis( Pomogrante,Peach,Kiwi) and High end Cognacs.

Couple--- Laurent Perrier Rose--Nothing like the crispness of the LP ROSE to celebrate love and togetherness....

Friends meeting after decade---Pitchers of Long Island Ice Teas,flavoured Margaritas and Pitchers of Beer to celebrate the good ole times.

PB: what can a participant expect from the workshop?
SB: Basic knowledge and Understanding of the exotic world of beverages coupled with the classification,tasting and food & wine harmony

PB: who should attend?
SB : Anybody that has a fascination for the amazing world of bevergaes, including but not not limited to - Wine enthusiasts, F&B professionals, House wives, students (above 18 years of age), Corporates and General Public.

PB: Now for the best part.. what does it cost & what will my freinds & readers have to pay?
SB: The workshop is to be held in Mumbai, by a Connoisseur - Advance Level Diploma holder from the WSET - UK. 2 days of a refreshing & interesting & interactive training.
Tentative dates 22nd & 23rd of March from 1 pm - 5pm.

Cost Rs. 1,300/- only inclusive of light refreshments, but for everyone who contacts me using the code 'PRABHJOT' or 'HOSPEMAG' will only have to pay Rs. 1,000/-

Also, a test will be conducted at the end of 2 days and the successful candidates will be entitled to a 10% discount for the advance level course over 5 days in April 2010.

Only 60 seats available.

For details please contact or

+91 9967378856

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Jobs - Asst. Vice President - Hotel Market Management

• 10-12 years experience in an domestic & Inbound Travel product management role or Hotel Sales or Revenue Management role

• Experience in the services industry with interaction on negotiations