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India launches ultra-luxury Maharaja train service

India has launched its most luxurious and expensive train service yet, seeking to attract well-heeled foreign rail enthusiasts prepared to pay the minimum 800-dollars-a-night price tag.

Hospitality Marketing 2010

Mansi Bhatnagar is the Lead at HVS Communication & Marketing service.

Why you should go prepared for an interview

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As a personal success coach, I tell people they should prepare. prepare for the presentation, the meeting, the speech, and of course the job interview.

As a sceptic and someone who never did what was asked just because it was asked of me, I asked myself, why?  Why should one prepare?

Look at it this way.  The whole idea of an interview is that the people taking the interview (the company) think you are the best for the position.  Now although you can prepare for some questions, how can you prepare for everything that will happen while you work there.  Your success will be based on your ability to manage and manage effectively the unscripted parts.  If that is the case, then the more you seem to have prepared your answers, the chances of your selection should be lower.

it rarely goes like that.

Let me give you some examples:.. click here to read the full article