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Recruitment Secret#2 – You Are Not Important to the Recruiter

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Its true.

If you just read the statement once you would feel I was nuts.

The recruiter gets paid (and in some cases, exceptionally well paid) because of you.  You are good, you get selected and hence his business thrives.

Why wouldn't you be important to him? ridiculous.

But its still true.

Now, hear me out, why & what you can do about it.



Nirula’s plans to expand footprint by entering seven to ten more cities

According to a PTI report, Nirula's, one of India's oldest restaurant chains with over 75 outlets across North India, plans to expand its footprint by entering seven to ten more cities. Nirula's will add another 125 shops in different formats this year to take its total tally to 200. This information was given by Samir Kuckreja, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Nirula's.

The iPad Fad Hits Hotels

Some hotels are going straight for the buzz. And nothing is buzzier than the iPad. At least a dozen properties in the United States have equipped concierges with iPads to help guests plan sightseeing, dining, and driving routes.

Unique Hotels - 2 - Gamirasu Cave Hotel Urgup + Pictures

Gamirasu Cave Hotel is an an exquisitely restored twenty-five-room troglodyte cave house which opened in 1999 in Ayvali Village near Urgup in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey.