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29 new hospitality Jobs

India Inc rewarding employees with bigger bonuses

Lord Ganesha has kicked off the festive season, bringing with him loads of goodies for India Inc's employees. Buoyed by a rebound in businesses and an economy on the boil, companies across sectors like FMCG, consumer durables, auto, retail, IT and financial services are planning to dole out bumper festive bonuses to employees as compared with the last few festive seasons.

Exclusive Interview | Gajanan Shirke - Aurthor - Bar Management & Operations

Gajanan Shirke is a career hotelier with over 14 years experience and has penned the new book 'Bar Management & Operations'

I caught up with Gajanan and asked a little bit more, about the book.

Here is the exclusive interview with Gajanan

Editor : What is the book all about?

Gajanan: Book is based on Bar and beverage management, having details of beverages, cocktails utensils , and check list for bar professionals

Editor :. who can benefit from the book?

Gajanan: Hospitality professionals and students of Hotel Management and Craft course

Editor :. What made you write the book?

Gajanan: dream came true after 5 years , I was searching one book where I can get all details of bar management but could not get it , Mr. Vithal Kamat inspired me to write book,

Editor : What is next?

Gajanan: planning for next book where I am trying to cover all small and big parts , that book would be for Sr. Management and Hotel Owners

About the Author

Gajanan Shirke was born in Maharashtra in 1981, an…