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Gajanan Shirke is a career hotelier with over 14 years experience and has penned the new book 'Bar Management & Operations'

I caught up with Gajanan and asked a little bit more, about the book.
you can read the interview by clicking here>

This is my review of the book.
Also, we are pleased to offer all out readers a very special 20% discount on the MRP of the book.
I heartily recommend the book for everyone.  please write to me to book you orders.

Here is my review>

'Bar Management has always fascinated me. As a trainee, the highlight of my food & beverage stint was when I was allowed to stand behind the bar.

what is required to be successful? loads of confidence, knowledge and some sheer chutzpah.

As a trainer and an academician, I also find teaching Bar Management a little tough. the interest from students is there, but only for the drinks. the minute they realize there is so much to learn, most give up.

I am glad Gajanan did not. hi…

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