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Gajanan Shirke is a career hotelier with over 14 years experience and has penned the new book 'Bar Management & Operations'

I caught up with Gajanan and asked a little bit more, about the book.
you can read the interview by clicking here>

This is my review of the book.
Also, we are pleased to offer all out readers a very special 20% discount on the MRP of the book.
I heartily recommend the book for everyone.  please write to me to book you orders.

Here is my review>

'Bar Management has always fascinated me. As a trainee, the highlight of my food & beverage stint was when I was allowed to stand behind the bar.

what is required to be successful? loads of confidence, knowledge and some sheer chutzpah.

As a trainer and an academician, I also find teaching Bar Management a little tough. the interest from students is there, but only for the drinks. the minute they realize there is so much to learn, most give up.

I am glad Gajanan did not. his new book 'Bar Management & Operations; published by Platinum Press' is a god-send to all those trying to learn, teach and enhance their knowledge on all things Bar!

The landscape of the book is large, it tried to cover everything, and I must say the landscaping is artistic in the hands of a trained and experienced curator. The book is practical and packs in a lot of theory.

I highly recommend it to everyone.

I do have some suggestions though. It would have been wonderful to read an anecdote or two from Gajanan's personal experience and a chapter on common talklines a barman could use. A CD with some demo's would have been a nice addition (especially for the education sector), some photographs of bars and bar counter set ups. I feel a schematic drawing of where the bar-man should place what to ensure smooth operations would have helped.

Last but not the least, I would have loved to read about India specific Bar challenges. what sells here, how, why? what to do to maximize revenue etc.

However, the book in its current avatar is highly recommended for one and all. Gajanan has been kind enough to offer a very special offer for all our readers. 20% discount is yours.

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