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What Your Hotel Conceirge Should Be Working On

I think concierge in India is just a glorified bell-desk captain.
I would love to be proved wrong and you are invited to tell it is otherwise but in most hotels (and I am only talking 5 star + here) the concierge just wouldn't know where the closest art house is, let alone having visited one himself.

here is film for inspiration.

Photos | Lindt Vidhana Soudha @ ITC Royal Gardenia - Super!


Today is Responsible Business Day & here is what Intercontinental is doing...

Must see Video..

I thought I will make a quick list of good stuff I saw

Quick Take Aways

- STP - Sewerage Treatment Plant - Intercon Oman runs it for the entire village!
- source Local produce - organic - check the production process to see effect on the environ
- Wind Energy - Intercon Washington uses it for 100% of its energy needs!
- Employee Handbooks on what they can do
- Help underprivileged - Intercon London build an activity play area with garden for a child with special needs
- Intercon Bora Bora - Salt Water Air Conditioning
- Coral garden!

tell us what you are doing at your hotel or unit and we will be proud to put it up here.

I also welcome people working on ideas or products that could help hoteliers towards a more responsible approach to the community & environ