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What the Hell is going on at EIH? oh wait Reliance just became the largest, again!

First they sell to Reliance, then we at wish them Goodbye, and now this?
read  ITC & EIH to combine hotel biz, become largest hospitality chain

What the hell?

Why would Mukesh Ambani pay so much more than required to keep ITC at bay and then invite them to the dining table?

or was it done to bring ITC on board as a partner and not an acquisition?

According to reports, ITC hotels will be demerged from ITC and merged into a new entity.

WOW! now, Reliance becomes the LARGEST, yes largest hotel chain in India. It does not need to wrestle with ITC, or buy it, the hotels are free from the ITC board and presto, they are market leaders.  Does Reliance like to be the largest? yes it does.  What does it do best? crowd out everybody else.

Should the Taj be worried?

You bet! Reliance creates a decent amount of business within the group itself, that of course will now go no way near the Taj, but also, this means a larger balance sheet for the new entity, more punch in sales &a…

ITC & EIH to combine hotel biz, become largest hospitality chain

Diversified conglomerate ITC Group and hospitality major EIH have drawn up a blueprint to combine and emerge as the country’s largest hotel chain by revenues. Once the plan fructifies, it would see a three-way venture between the two groups and Reliance Industries (RIL) which recently picked up 14.8% stake in EIH. Currently, the Oberois hold 32% stake in EIH, while ITC holds 14.98%.

Secrets of Recruitment #1 – Candidates Pay Recruiters

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This is the first in a series of 10 articles on the secrets of recruitment & recruiters. The articles are meant to assist you in your job search, get you jobs faster & make the selection process faster & effective.

Training Video | English for Hotel and Tourism: "Checking into a hotel"

English for Hotel and Tourism: "Checking into a hotel"

Editor | It is a little casual and I think we really need to do some Indian Videos (Anyone willing to help?? I will if someone is interested in creating such videos), but having said that, it can be used to train staff and students. I think in most hotel mgt schools, if they get even this much, it should be awesome!

eCornell: Managing People for Success

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