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Rethinking Revenue Management: A Collection of Articles

By Jean Francois Mourier, CEO of REVPAR GURU
For any hotelier, there is no doubt revenue management is an essential component to running a successful lodging enterprise. Though implementing a revenue management strategy may sound like a simple enough task, revenue management today requires much more than setting a price and hoping for the best. Today, it reflects a proactive approach to generating profits through the sale of rooms, alleviating some of the unavoidable complications that can arise from the highly perishable nature of hotels' core products.

New Food Blog!

Chef Sandy Krebs is an Award Winning Chef.   She won the 2009 American Culinary Federation’s Achievement of Excellence Award.

In the past, she has been: - Executive Chef/Owner at DECO
- Executive Chef/Owner at Azalea's Cafe
- Executive Sous/Chef Garde Manger at The Island House

UAE hoteliers predict top trends for 2011

According to hoteliers in the UAE technology will continue to play a key role in hotels in 2011 as more hotels embrace the increasingly sophisticated world of mobile technology and in-room interactivity. Most hoteliers also agree that food will go back to basics with more healthy options and less fusion cuisine. General managers are also in agreement on where their marketing budget will be allocated next year – digital marketing and social media – and all are hopeful of a slow growth of business as the year moves to its close.

Success tip | “7 Needs of Each Human”

Plea for creating ‘South India tourism zone’

The Mysore hotel and restaurants association on Saturday came out with a strong plea before the state government to create a ‘South India tourism zone’ comprising Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and implement a uniform tax policy to prevent tourists from paying more money and flooding the states where tax rates are low.

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