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Showing posts from January 1, 2011

Things GenXI of hoteliers would love to see in 2011

· Guests apologizing to the them for making them wait

· Guests offering to pay more because they can see the hotel is over-booked

· Guests switching off lights to help the environment

· Guests learning  the SOPs of the hotel

· Guests offering to complete all formalities, fill up all paper-work, bring all identification in triplicate duly signed and authenticated before check In.

· Guests just happy to be served. Not asking for anything more fancy like personalization or VIP treatment.

· Robots handling customers complaints. Maybe rajni!!

· Bosses offering to stand at the counter because my feet hurt

· A no make up day! lets all accept humanity with all its flaws. If guests can come to the hotel without any make up, why cant the staff?

· Guests eating in the staff cafeteria. This will make hotel managers/owners give us some decent food.

· 4 work-day week – 6 hours a day. that it, cant stand thi…