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Showing posts from February 16, 2011

Google starts showing average prices - will change the way guests book your hotel!

the feature was launched in google maps.

As soon as you enter the city name, on the left hand side the arrival and departure boxes appear (marked 1 in the screen shot below)

Hospitals hiring executives from the hospitality sector

When Tufan Ghosh joined Columbia Asia Hospitals as CEO in 2005 after 15 years with The Oberoi Group , the change of scene was radical. From working in aesthetically pleasing surroundings, he had the sterile smell of disinfectants and whitewashed walls greet him at work every day.

But that is precisely why Ghosh was hired. Hospitals no longer want to be seen as tiresome rows of patient-care wards. They are hiring executives from the hospitality sector, as medical tourism becomes popular, and competition among private hospitals hots up.

Budget 2011: FIEO recommends infrastructure status to hotel industry

Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) has recommended for Infrastructure Status to the Hotel Industry. To accelerate the pace of construction of more hotel rooms, the hotel industry needs to be declared an infrastructure industry under section 80-IA of the Act.

It should be given full benefits of concession for infrastructure facilities available to other sectors like airports, seaports, power projects and gas distribution networks.

STR Reports India’s 2010 Hotel Industry Performance

According to data from STR Global, India’s hotel industry posted performance improvements in year-end 2010 results compared to the previous year. Increases in occupancy have generally outweighed the falls in ADR, resulting in improved RevPAR.

RevPAR for India as a whole was up 6.2% during 2010 compared with 2009, led by individual RevPAR gains in Goa (11.4%), Delhi (8.1%) and Chennai (7.4%). Only Hyderabad saw a RevPAR decline, due mainly to the addition of significant supply which limited occupancy gains.