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NEWS | Azilen unveils eMenu technology

Azilen Technology Pvt Ltd has introduced the concept of eMenu, an interactive menu for restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues, viewed on a networked LCD screen located on tables, offering patrons a full range of ordering and interactive entertainment services.
Right from understanding the ingredients and health benefit of the item, one can know the calories of the dish. To further assist the guest in making a choice, eMenu shows the exact time required to serve the dish and the number of servings it will produce. As the patron places the order, it goes directly to kitchen where precise details of items ordered, quantity, number of patrons and table no. are made available on server. Thus, exact details regarding the order directly reaches to kitchen reducing the waiting period and lessening the possibility of human error. Not only selection but ordering is also simplified with eMenu. The customer can revisit his order list, add or delete items, and finally place the order with a single touch. Azilen’s eMenu aims to provide a good dining experience right from selecting your dish, placing the order, to making your wait time pleasurable.


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