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NEWS | Springfit Unveils Re-Active Mattress for Active Lifestyle

black-and-white-badroom-style-psd.jpgSpringfit, country’s leading name for premium and progressive sleep accessories and solutions, has ushered in its latest range of premium health mattress Re- Active today. Designed for a stress free sleep, the new lineup promises to address the modern dichotomy of stress and comfort in the fast paced modern life and promotes an active lifestyle. What distinguishes Re-Active from other mattresses in the market is the unique hard bonded foam with Turkish bonded felt which gives body smooth comfort while at the same time provides unmatched support. Equipped with knitted fabric, the extra soft quilt on top and bottom guarantees a quality sleep surface, thus providing a luxurious sleep experience.
Excited about the unique addition to the portfolio of Springfit, Mr.S.K.Malhotra, Director Sales & Marketing said, “As a brand trusted by customers for many years, we aim to continuously present a large range of offerings to Indian customers and Re-Active mattress is the new addition in this endeavor. The name Reactive itself spells activeness and makes it a perfect solution to re energize the body. We are delighted to introduce the new mattress and are hopeful that it will become the new mantra for a good night sleep”. Targeting urban households across India, Springfit plans to penetrate the health zone and provide new age health conscious customer benefits they are desperately looking for. With its inimitable properties, Re Active keeps the back fit in natural ‘S ‘Shape. The mattress can be used on both sides providing support as well as comfort. Combining cutting edge technology with company’s signature approach of using hand craftsmanship to fit individual sleep needs, Re-Active has become the enviable choice for avoiding backache and discomfort .Invigorating the body and the mind, Re-Active emerges as the perfect choice for waking up fresh and re- energized the next morning. Accessible in array of size and designs the mattress comes in 127 & 153 mm thickness .Available across all leading stores of India, the price starts from 18000 INR and goes up to 23000 INR. About Spring Fit Springfit is India’s most premium and progressive sleep accessories and solutions brand. lts wide range of high quality spring mattresses has set new benchmarks in quality and luxury. its distinctive brand positioning of being the only mattress designed for ‘Stress Free Sleep’ is strongly entrenched with consumers and trade. Springfit range of mattress goes beyond spring mattress and includes imported latex mattress, memory foam mattress, micro pocketed spring mattress, three zone Ortholife mattress, complete bedding products, mattress protectors, body pillows, feather pillows, memory foam contour pillows, etc. to cover an entire range of consumer aspirations.