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Exclusive Interview | Mr.Sanjay Vazirani, Managing Director, Foodlink Services (I) Pvt.Ltd.

Mr. Sanjay Vazirani
Managing Director
Foodlink Services (I) Pvt.Ltd.

Editor | First and foremost, congratulations on your journey and all that you have achieved so far.  How has it been so far?

Thank you for your wishes. The journey has been fantastic so far. I can’t say its been a dream run, we’ve had our ups and downs. But I don’t think I would have had it any other way.

Editor | Tell us some of the key moments of your work life

I’m very passionate about food. From the time I did my bachelors in IHM, this industry has fascinated me and every step I’ve taken along the way has been a huge learning.

Editor | How was it working for others?  When did you know that you were ready to be your own boss?

When you are a fresh graduate from Hotel Management school, you need experience and a foothold in the industry to get started. I’ve worked in several places before I started out on my own. But I think it was around the time I worked in Peninsula, Sion and turned it into a success story that I decided to start out on my own.

Editor | Was Foodlink your first venture? How did you decide this is what you would like to do?

Foodlink wasn’t our first venture. I had expertise in setting up restaurants and kitchens and used to do it as an independent consultant. We started catering after some offers came to us when we were running Radio Club and since then there’s been no looking back.

Editor | Has it been an easy lucky ride so far?  If not, share with us some of the difficult times. If yes, what would you attribute that too?

I wish I could say it had been an easy lucky ride, but as all entrepreneurs will tell you, nothing good in life is that easy. What you need is passion and a will to succeed. We’ve struggled through many things to achieve what we have today but what stays with us still is the passion for food, delivering quality and value to the guest.

Editor | As an entrepreneur, do you think education helped you or slowed you?

I think it has added value in terms of giving me the basic understanding of how the industry functions, how units are set up. This helped me during my initial days.

Editor | What do you look for when you are hiring?

I look for people with a lot of passion for the industry and who are hungry for success.

Editor | What would you list as Critical Success Factors for your industry and how does Foodlink ensure those are met?

Quality. A single word that encapsulates success for us. We started off with a single minded vision of providing really high quality food. A lot of planning and detailing goes into achieving the kind of quality we provide.

Editor | what can we expect from Foodlink in the coming years?

More and more events that we can cater to and more success I hope. On a serious note, we would like to continue with our mantra of providing excellent food & services and being pioneers in the industry.