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Like our page and keep yourself updated about the Hotels/Resorts/Cruise lines/ F and B outlets coming to EHCOS/The Eclat Mega Job Fair on 19-20 September at Sood Bhawan, Chandigarh. #eclathosp

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We are proud to announce "Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts"will be coming to EHCOS/The Eclat Mega Job Fair on 19-20 September at Sood Bhawan,Chandigarh.

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The Resume DO NOTs:

Do not write the word ‘Resume’ on top, or anything else that means just about the same thing. Bio-Data/ curriculum vitae etc.

> Do Not have any grammatical or spelling errors on your resume.

> Do not use words you do not understand
I am shocked at some candidates, when I ask them what they mean by words like ‘transformational’ or ‘paradigm changing’ etc and they have a blank look. Suddenly the resume becomes 'blank' too.

> Do not create an epic from your resume
A page is ideal. Two if you have loads of exp. No other excuse for verbosity.

> Do not MASS MAIL
I am making this bold to highlight this menace.
I understand emailing makes it easy to send your resume to multiple people all at once, but really the only thing you are doing is demonstrating how lazy you are.
Personalize your emails. Specify your interest, job details etc.
DO NOT, DO NOT mass mail.

> Do not Lie, or even Fib
Tempting as it is, it will be caught.
I once interviewed an candidate who could…
Steps to Selling Yourself | How to succeed at interviews, promotion discussions or entrepreneurial presentations

Step 2-| Find something in common 

'windows of opportunity' 
We like people like us.

This is actually easier done than said.

The common thing could be the place, the education, the jewelry, piece, the clothes, the hobby, the interests, the artifact on the wall, the painting, the colors used.

basically anything & everything around you, about you can be a topic of commonality.

re-searching the link before your meeting/ interview would go a long way.

today the internet accords you loads of information and most networking sites will list the interests of people pretty much in the public domain.List some ideas/ topics you can use
Tip of the day- [Interview Skills]
Tip no. 6- Make Sure your cell phone is switched off.