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Steps to Selling Yourself | How to succeed at interviews, promotion discussions or entrepreneurial presentations

3 | Ask Broad questions to ascertain need, want, desire 

The interview is not about you getting a job, its about the company/firm getting someone qualified to THEIR job.
The promotion meeting is not for your benefit, it is for the benefit of the company to ensure they have the right fit for their leadership team.
The customer is not in business to give you business, he meeting you to understand if you can take away the pain he has.

Its not about YOU.

its about THEM!
ask them questions to understand them better.

There are two types of questions that management speak will tell you, you can use:

Closed Ended Questions
Yes/No answers
Simple - Straight forward questions
Multiple Choice

Open Ended Questions
Open-ended questions invite others to “tell their story” in their own words.

Open-ended questions should be used frequently.
When asking open-ended questions one must be ready and willing to listen to the response.

Examples of open-ended questions:
• How can I be of help?
• Would you tell me more about ___?
• Could you help me understand ___?
• What are the good things and the less good things about__?