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JOBS | Barista vacancy with the Millennium Resort in Oman

Barista vacancy with the Millennium Resort in Oman,

JOBS | Learning & Development Manager/Training Manager

Need Learning & Development Manager/Training Manager Male/Female for 03 months contract only good salary.


Hotels are a vibrant industry – as temperamental, moody, fun, idiosyncratic, and eccentric – as the people who make the structure throb and come alive. And that presents a unique challenge to those who are responsible for ensuring that the brand personality seeps into each employee optimally for a cohesive representation of the brand. Ask the Training andHuman Resource fellas and they will tell you how much sleep they lose over beating, shaping, moulding, clubbing a delightfully eclectic mix into a unified cookie-cutter, strait-jacketed, assembly line incarnations of the Brand.

So, let’s take a closer look at these folks who hold the power of the Hotel’s universe in their very able hands.

We must concede that the behavioural chain reaction starts all the way from the top. In fact, it is an established fact that the top leader’s qualities percolate down and seep into the mental nooks of the employees and the physical crevices of the building to take on the shades of his personality. Hence it is much more important to profile the right leader and then allow him space to rev up his engines and manoeuvre his plane towards commercial success and job / guest satisfaction.

There are all kinds of General Managers who run the show – from abysmal to awesome. I cannot forget the GM of the Marriott in Washington DC who took away my damaged luggage and assured me that it would be repaired suitably by his team, while he spent precious time away from his busy schedule to brief me on the award-winning aspects of his brand. Much like him, his team members – from the lovely PR lady, the refined Rooms Division Manager to the starred Chef and the knowledgeable F&B Director - showed delight in meeting a guest and went all out to make my stay immensely pleasurable. They all seemed to mirror the GM’s personality traits which he had blended well with the Hotel chain’s values.

Then there was this Gentleman who kept apologizing for bad service in his restaurants and rooms, unacceptably bad behaviour by his staff that had no guest focus or job orientation and the general dismal state of affairs that was found in abundance at his property. Little did he know or failed to acknowledge that the buck stopped with him and that he was making a mess of managing the hotel.

To broadly define the types, there are the global leaders who love fair play and encourage amazing environment for growth and development for their teams; which the guests can instantly pick up and rejoice in. Then, there exist the control-freak, megalomaniac terrorists who create such an atmosphere of fear, power-broking, apple-polishing and de-meritocracy that the guests immediately sense the rot in the system and the rancidity in overall staff deportment. The General Managers have been famously or infamously known to attract guests to the Brand or Pied Piper them away to Competition. 

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TECH | Noshlist | Simple Waitlist Management

A restaurant buzzing with activity, a long line of waiting diners, a hostess constantly on her toes and a manager about to either apologize or lose his temper.

All of that, managed.

Imagine that!

JOBS | Front office Executive(male), Front office Assistant, HK Attendant and In f&b production-Commi-3,2,1 in Indian section.

Country Inn & Suites by Carlson Ahmedabad is urgently looking for Front office Executive(male), Front office Assistant, HK Attendant and In f&b production-Commi-3,2,1 in Indian section.