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2015 Food Trends: Predictions from Four Seasons Chefs

For the spirited epicurean, a lot of the fun in dining out is discovering what's hot, trending and will be on the tip (both literally and figuratively) of everyone's tongue. While we can't, with complete certainty, predict what everyone will be buzzing about in 2015, we know who to ask… Here, we've asked some of our favourite chefs from Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts to chime in on what they believe will be this year's biggest food trends.

Going Green

No matter what city they're from, this is a point that's resonating with a lot of chefs: Fresh, locally sourced vegetables are at the forefront of diners' minds—and their palettes. Executive Chef Aaron Brooks of Edge Steak and Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Miami "For a while, gluttony was cool, but then people realized it doesn't do anything for your waistline. There's a new, healthier lifestyle that people are trying to choose," Brooks says. Even though he runs a classic steakhouse, one of the most popular menu items is his "Edge" green salad, in which everything is green. (Think arugula, raw cucumbers, cooked asparagus, avocado purée.) It's how he whips up "creative sides with vegetables that are creative and have big flavour impact."