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Japan needs new top hotels for Olympia 2020, 1,780 rooms are in the pipeline

More and more tourists are visiting Japan, which is in the sense of the government, who plans to become the island country as holiday destination more into the international focus.

Especially in Tokyo several new hotel projects are in the pipeline in the next years as the Olympic Summer Games in 2020 promotes the willingness for investments. At these hotel projects economic standards will play a bigger role than before. According to TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the worldwide leading provider for global b2b hotel data, currently ten new top hotels with 1,780 rooms are in the pipeline. Within the next 15 years the number of international tourists is about to tripled. Until 2020 this number could reach 20 million; until 2030 the government is targeting 30 million visitors. In 2013 the “ten million border” was crossed for the first time, but in the same year in the international comparison Japan reached only place 27 and within Asia just the eighth place (behind for example South Korea).

 The goals are considered to be very ambitious. But with the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics in 2020 the tourism industry in Tokyo will get a powerful boost. Already in 2014 the Japan National Tourism Organization announced another record year with 13,41 million tourists. This was another increase by more than 29% compared to the previous year. With 83,3 percent most of the visitors are Chinese. Reasons for the growing attract of the country are primarily the great Yen course as well as the Visa easement for the South East Asian countries. Furthermore, in the period between July 2013 and July 2014 the entry formalities for eleven countries were simplified.