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‘Match The Age’ to 'Keep Them Engaged’ by Bloomsbury

Just as a casting director engages a particular actor for a role, keeping in mind the story of the movie, the age bracket, and his potential to do justice to the role; a leader similarly plays a pivotal role in identifying the right actors, by ‘matching the age’, their potential, efficiency, and the dedication to do justice to their assigned jobs.

In other words, ‘keeping them engaged’ and extracting the best out of them…

Building a workplace that is satisfying and a go-to haven for its employees is considered a ideal model. This makes us wonder if an organisation can ever meet an employee’s expectations.

Do leaders always fail to align their goals with their subordinates’ aspirations?

For those wanting answers to these questions Match the Age to Keep them Engaged is a must- This book looks at complete out-of-the-box leadership styles, by ‘matching the age’ to ‘keeping them engaged’. Engagement is the continuous process of commitment through the right intention by leaders, to engage their teams. Deepak employs his innovative techniques and real time examples, to create a unique engagement interventions, which would irrefutably prove fruitful in any organisational setup, and would be a handy tool for leaders.

Author brings forth a bird’s eye view on engagement and its dynamics, and explains concepts through many of his own personal experiences and anecdotes, which are relatable and confer a real-world perspective. Keeping in mind the current trends, dipping employee happiness index, the subject appeals to a global market interested in business, human resource management, and employee engagement.

The intended audience would be:
 1. Senior C-level executives who are responsible for giving directional strategy to organisations.
 2. Entrepreneurs.
 3. Professionals and people leaders, at all levels.
 4. Students of Management in B Schools who would be the future leaders.
It would also include students from other management institute like hotel management, engineering, etc, who are also our future leaders. If you are looking to go on an engagement drive for your employees, Match the Age to Keep them Engaged is what you surely need.

Author: Deepak Malhotra is a doctorate in management studies with specialisation in human resources. Deepak has close to 20 years of cross-industry professional exposure within numerable reputed brands and in human resource management. Deepak is currently associated with IL & FS as vice president – human resources. It is his vision to have an impact on the overall entrepreneurial leadership. He also speaks in various forums, including the top business schools, and is one of the top human resource influencers in the country on social media. 

Twitter handle: @HeadHR_Deepak (rated in top 100 influencers in the Linked IN:

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