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KSA, Elaf targets budget hotel expansion in India

One of the largest local hospitality and tourism companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is exploring the potential India has as a budget hospitality partner.

Senior executives ofElaf Hotels Companyand Elaf Travel and Tourism Company have disclosed plans to explore the potential of India’s tourism market and the Indian Haj and Umrah pilgrimage sector. Elaf Hotels vice president Abdullah H. Bakri said that Elaf came across a couple of opportunities to carry out projects for budget hotels in India as part of the tie-up in the vital tourism sector with Indian partners.

"The relationship between the two great nations has been ever growing in terms of business relations, manpower services, cultural activities, tourism and pilgrimage etc." he said. Bakri noted that Elaf, which is one of the largest and strongest local hospitality and tourism companies in the Kingdom, sees India as a strong partner.