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Treebo aims to be India’s Numero Uno brand in the budget hotel category

Another Budget Play Aggregator. 

We have not used the services of Treebo, so it would not be fair to comment, but from the article listed below, it does not seem very different from the current players.

 If a hotel has 40-percent occupant rate, Treebo guarantees that cap. “At the end of the month if I am unable to generate that much business or more, the deficient is paid from our side,” says Sidharth. For anything that is over and above that cap limit, Treebo take only a percentage of that share. If the regular business is at Rs 5, 00,000, then that whole amount is blocked with the hotel owner. Now if he makes Rs 7,00,000 then 30 per cent of the extra Rs two lakh is what Treebo gets. This ensures that the hotel owner doesn’t lose money.

The company has another initiative towards the being green.

We would love to hear more and if anyone has any experiences or connect with the founding team, do let us know on

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