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Balance by Meliá programme with a wide range of innovative dining options

Business and pleasure should not be incompatible with a healthy lifestyle. More and more people are looking to escape the routine and stay fit and eat healthy even when they are away from home.

To make it easier for them, the Meliá Hotels & Resorts brand by Meliá Hotels International has introduced the Balance by Meliá programme with a wide range of innovative dining options.
The programme has already been implemented in more than ten Company hotels and is getting a great reception from guests. Of all the options on offer, guests can choose a healthy breakfast adapted to their needs and with all the energy they need to start the day ahead, with specific amounts of fibre, calcium, omega-3, antioxidants, proteins or vegetable proteins.
In the restaurant, all of the Balance by Meliá dishes are labeled so that guests know what alternatives they offer compared to the basic restaurant menu. The dishes are also accompanied by icons which help guests learn more about the properties of the product, quickly seeing whether it contains gluten or lactose, if it is spicy, or if it is suitable for vegetarians, among other information.
Balance by Meliá is an innovative attribute that adds value to the food and beverage service in hotels and which has been designed to meet the specific needs of modern travelers, responding to the growing demand from guests who like to lead a healthy lifestyle wherever they happen to be.