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Delicious Dishes With Names That Are Too Funny To Be True


Dishes that will make you laugh while being tasty too 

Funny named dishes in India

Restaurants are innovating and how! You don't have dishes named like the traditional Makhani or Masala any more it is more about naming it after particular people; A regular egg dish called Eggs Kejriwal amused people and shot to fame. Burrp tells you about some new dishes which you should try for laughs and because they are delicious too. 

Pyaar Tune Quesidilla at
Pyaar Tune Quesidilla at Lights Camera Action - Air Bar, Hauz Khas

Delhi Dilli and Mumbai might forever tussle about who is better but Bollywood definitely unites them, restaurants and plenty of funny names but the one at LCA andSocial made us laugh really hard. 

Pyaar Tune Quesadillas @Lights Camera Action - Air BarRajouri Garden In India one can never survive without Bollywood, can we? The quesadillas at Light’s Camera Action are called Pyaar Tune Quesadillas which we suspect is an inspiration from the Bollywood movie Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. The Mexican dish has a little Maharashtrian (courtesy Bollywood) touch to it as the tortilla is stuffed with cheese and vegetables tossed in spicy Kolhapuri masala, to give it a perfect spicy taste. 

Price: Rs 245 + taxes 

Meat Balls To You @ Odeon SocialConnaught Place  Innovating on the famous slang, Meat Balls To You will definitely make you chuckle when you read it on the Social menu. The dish is a spicy Italian meatball preparation made from minced meat that is topped with parmesan cheese and will definitely delight a meat lover as soon as they see it. 

Price: Rs 290 + taxes 

Chicken Legy Legy at The Big Pitcher, Airport Road (Picture is for representational purpose only)

Bangalore There is no better way to experience the south than with their food and language. And while Mumbai and Delhi might say bhai or brother, when in the south nothing gets more personal than Chetta (brother) at a restaurant in the city. 

Chetta! Oru Beef @ Sotally ToberKoramangala The Mallus definitely like their beef, and there’s nothing like an innovative name to pay an ode to them with dry Chetta! Oru Beef starter. Boneless beef cubes are marinated in Indian spices to produce a juicy Malabar flavours that any beef eater in the south would like on his plate. 

Price: Rs 200 + taxes 

Chicken Legy Legy @ The Big PitcherKodihalli Nothing like classic chicken legs to feast on, isn’t it? Chicken Legy Legy is a classic Chef’s special with a marinated tandoori chicken that is sweet and spicy with a crisp crust and a meaty chicken leg that is perfect and delicious too. 

Price: Rs 459 + taxes 

Sorry at Chemistry 101, Lower Parel
Sorry at Chemistry 101, Lower Parel

Mumbai With a variety of restaurants opening in Mumbai, restaurateurs are innovating in every aspect and dish names seem to be the most recent addition. While there were many to choose from, we shared a laugh over few that stood out and tasted good too.  

Sorry @ Chemistry 101 - Gastro BarLower Parel Your loved one wants to apologize to you? Tell them to take you to Chemistry 101 and treat you to Sorry. Think it’s dumb? How about eating a mozzarella balloon withmakhani dressing, balsamic vinegar pearls and olive oil soil. It also has a combination of LNO2 (liquid nitrogen) and Jetchill with fresh basil. If you thought only the name and dish sounds crazy, you’ll be surprised when it comes to your table with its burst of sour and spicy flavours. The dish is a tribute to Chef Thomas Keller and an apology for deconstructing his classic Caprese salad. 

Price: Rs 275 + taxes 

Bawaji Nu Thullu @ SodaBottleOpenerWalaBandra Kurla Complex Drinks always have funny names but when something like Bawaji Nu Thullu comes your way on the menu, you can't help but laugh, thanks to Kapil Sharma. A cocktail of vodka, rum, gin and tequila with Parsi choy (chai), the Bawa drink is cooling with a variety of flavours that will help you beat the heat. 

Price: Rs 425 + taxes

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