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SpaceTek’s Private Space Station and Hotel will be Swiss-Bel Space Hotel

Stiphan Beher, CEO of SpaceTek announced the signing of a first agreement with Swiss-BelHotel International Chairman, Gavin Faull, a fellow New Zealander, to brand SpaceTek’s Private Space Station and Hotel as a Swiss-BelSpace Hotel. Stiphan Beher stated “we are excited by this historic agreement to expand the Swiss-BelHotel brand to Low Earth Orbit and secure what will be the first international chain in Space.”

SpaceTek will operate a Salyut Space Station under a joint venture agreement. The Station will be capable of accommodating up to seven crew in a volume of 90 cubic meters for periods up to six months and will orbit at 250 miles above Earth. The Space Station is built by Russian rocketry company NPO Mashinostroyenia (NPOM) and is currently based in the United Kingdom. SpaceTek’s mission is to progress the opening of space for private enterprise. The firm is developing infrastructure essential to rapidly accelerate the commercial space industry and its applicability to the global marketplace.
Swiss-BelHotel International operates 143 hotels and resorts globally and has been awarded Indonesia's Leading Global Hotel Chain for six consecutive years. Established in 1987 by New Zealander Gavin Faull, the group has expanded rapidly throughout Asia and the Middle East. One of the fastest growing hotel and hospitality management Groups, Swiss-Belhotel International is committed to substantially increasing its property portfolio in 2016.