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5 Customer-Pleasing Technologies

1. Mobile device support: 
Guests arrive at hotels with an increasing number of personal devices. Many hotel operators are responding to this trend with updated rooms that ensure guests have all the tech support they need (including high-speed Wi-Fi and compatible charging stations), as well as ergonomic support (seats and surfaces designed to accommodate device use).

 2. Service automation: 
Many guests prefer to interact with hotel staff through technologies that won't keep them waiting. Hyatt Hotels, for example, now offers guests three check-in options: an iPad check-in with a staff member, a self-serve check-in kiosk and a traditional front desk.

 3. Digital signage: 
Digital signage is spreading throughout hotels, from lobbies to conference centers to guest rooms. These can be used to showcase upcoming events, food-and-beverage offers and other types of marketing messages.

 4. Personalized concierge: 
Many hotels offer guests concierge-level services via a lobby information center. These hubs can provide an extensive array of real-time content, including news, weather, flight information, ground transportation options, nearby entertainment options, local events updates and area maps. This information can be transferred directly to a guest's smartphone or tablet. 5. Technology as a luxury amenity: A growing number of hotel operators are positioning sophisticated advanced in-room technologies as a luxury amenity. At some hotels, high-end guests can look forward to high-definition televisions embedded in bathroom mirrors, a Bose CD stereo system and downloadable curated music playlists.

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