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Co Working, Re - Imagined

Digital Outposts - - wants to redo the coworking space, but taking it to the next level.

Here is their mission:
We host select groups of remote working professionals and graduate students in distinctive coworking destinations.Our service provides workspace, accommodation, logistics help, and activities, so you can get your work done, meet new people, and find new adventures.Our guests are people from around the world who have jobs, research, or projects to work on and who have strong passion, constant curiosity, and a love for travel.
We at hospemag, love the Idea.

Do we have something similar in India? we dont know, but would love to try it if any of you know about something like this.

We wrote to the founders, but havent heard about adding Indian resorts to the mix, yet.

Fingers crossed!

They also ventured in the corporate space - think off-sites and company retreats - the domain of the travel specialists.

Create the ultimate company perk by helping individuals or teams experience new places while continuing to contribute to your company.For executives – We’ll work with you to create a perk program that employees will loveFor team leaders – Whether your group wants a retreat, workation, team bonding, or just a change of scenery, we’ll help you create an unforgettable experienceTell us about your team today.We search the globe for the best coworking spaces, and vet each destination to provide a seamless experience for companies. Our service includes accommodation, workspace (with great wifi), group activities, logistics planning assistance, and discounts for professional services. In some cases, companies cover the program price (or subsidize it), and in some cases employees do.

Leave your comments about what you think of the offering.