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INSPIRING Journey from Waitress To Deputy General Manager | Agne Dimaityte - Exclusive Interview

Agne Dimaityte has had a fabulous hospitality career! 

hospemag spoke to her about what it takes to succeed!

1. What made you chose Hospitality as a career? 
I did my degree in event management back home in Lithuania and came to uk to do masters degree which was hospitality with tourism management. Always wanted to be in events management side but started working at the hotel and really enjoyed it.

2. Was it a career when you started out? Did you feel then you would stick around for so long and do so well? 
I started as part time waitress and did my university placement, thought it will be just temporary work but started to learn more and then got the aim to reach general manager position.

3. What do you think is the one thing you would attribute your success to? 
Hard work and Motivation

4. What is difficult to transition from one role to the other? from one department to the other? 
Every role is a challenge and requires different skills. Main key is team management and the rest you can learn.

5. Looking back what advice would you give to a young Agne (and to others like you) ? 
I wouldn't change nothing. My advice to everyone - work hard, don't loose motivation and be passionate about the industry. If you want to achieve you have to work for it.

6. What can seniors / leaders of a hotel do for people to help them have a rewarding career such as yourself? 
If you will show that you want and keen to learn they will help you to develop. Again it is just up to person how much work and heart you will input in to it.