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Mumbai, Kolkata Have Fewer Unmarried Couple-Friendly Hotels Than Jaipur, Chandigarh, OYO Reveals

Across India, it isn't uncommon for conservative hotel owners to deny a room to couples who cannot or don't want to furnish proof of marriage.

However, there is no law making such checks mandatory. On Quora, Reddit and Twitter, it isn't uncommon to find questions about hotels that take in unmarried couples and are safe. But there are signs of change on the horizon. After the launch of the startup StayUncle, which rose to fame because of its tagline "couples need a room, not a judgement", OYO, is now letting guests search for hotels that welcome unmarried couples.

 The company defines a couple-friendly hotel as one that does not demand proof of marriage, photo ID specifying the name of the spouse and documents that attest the fact that the residential address of the customer is in a different city than where the hotel is located.