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ShawMan HRIS is now Compel HRIS

ShawMan software has been a pioneer when it comes to software for hospitality. One of their most desired product HRIS now finds a new home.

Compel consultancy, a company more popular by their product Cocktail World, have taken over ShawMan's HRIS software.  So ShawMan HRIS now will be known as Compel HRIS.

Mahesh Gajjelli, who got HRIS its success in selling it as a ShawMan product, has decided to take it to new heights at Compel. Mahesh with finance acumen of Narsingh Devasani,  has been considered as a gold digger when it comes to selling.

Be it HRIS or Cocktail world.

And since Compel consultancy is their own company, it gives an extra fillip.

Certainly this would not have turned into reality, had it not been the trust that Jimmy Shaw, my mentor, had in Mahesh.

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